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RRB Allahabad Assistant Loco Pilot 2010 Solved Question Paper PDF

Time: 2 1/2
Hours Max.Marks: 50

Directions (1 - 8): In each of the following sentences, four words have been printed in BOLD which are numbered as 1, 2, 3 and 4. One of these words may be mis-spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the wrongly-spelt or inappropriate word. The number of that word is the answer. If all the words are correctly spelt and are appropriate, the answer is (4) i.e. All correct.
1. Napoleon is universally (1) / acknowledged/(2)/ to have been one of the great (3)/of generals. All correct. (4)

2. He have(1)/ risen to eminence (2)/ from poverty(3)/ and abscurity. All correct (4).

3. The king allowed (1)/ no cows to be slaughtered (2)/ in his territory (3)/ All correct. (4).
4. She is anxious (1)/ to releave (2) them of their sufferings (3)/ All correct (4)

5. His finished (1)/ manners (2)/ produced a very favourable impression (3). All correct. (4).
6. Education is the best (1)/ pressing(2)/ need of our (3)/ country. All correct (4)

7. The policemens (1)/ running with all is speed, was scarcely (2)/ able to overtake
(3)/ the thief. All correct (4).

8. Enchanted (1)/ with the whole seen (2)/ I lingered on my voyage. (3) All correct (4).

Directions (9-13): Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word. Choosing it from the options given.
9. I found it difficult to cope- Mathematics at the advanced level.
1) wit 2) of 3) for 4) up

10. It is natural in every man to wish.... distinction
1) of 2) with 3) for 4) up

11. The goat subsists... the coarsest of food
1) on 2) for 3) in 4) to

12. It was formerly supposed that malaria was due... poisonous exhalations.
1) of 2) with 3) for 4) to

13. The celebrated grammarian Patanjali was a contemporary... Pushyamitra Sunga.
1) for 2) with 3) of 4) to

Directions (14-16): Critically examine the statement given in bold and answer the questions.
14. Un easy lies that the head that wears the crown. What does this mean?
1) The crown worn by the king does not mean that he is a happy man.
2) The king wears a crown of gold and gems but his responsibilities make him restless and unhappy.
3) People who are rich and powerful are generally restless and worried.
4) Those who are in high positions and wealthy are mostly restless because of their responsibilities like kings.

15. The circumstances of birth are irrelevant. What you do with gift of life determines what you are.
Which statement best explains this?
1) One may be born rich or poor. But how he lives speaks of his real self.
2) Misfortunes come even if we are born rich. But success in life depends on our own efforts to live a good life.
3) Birth alone does not contribute to success in life. Life is precious and is a free gift of God. We should make it worth living.
4) Great qualities are given by God as gifts. We should make good use of them to achieve success in life.

16. Your mind is like a parachute : It works when it is open. What does the statement imply?
1) Parachutes are meant for saving lives and you have to open them to do that.
2) Open - mindedness is what is essential. We should share with others our joys, sorrows, fears and hopes to make life meaningful.
3) We should never close our minds to others. When we share, we become happier and contented.
4) Our minds are like parachutes, closed. We must open them to share happiness.

Directions (17-20): Replace the bold portion by choosing the phrase from the given alternatives that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence.
17. The researcher has to mull over his idea for several days.
1) To organise his idea for a number of days.
2) To remember his ideas for several days.
3) to scrutinise his ideas for many days.
4) to ponder over his ideas for several days.

18. The function would has been enjoyable. If all extraneous activities has been dropped from the programme.
1) If all the irrelevant activities had been dropped from the programme.
2) If all the excessive activities had been dropped from the programme.
3) If all over extended activities had been dropped from the programme.
4) If the exceptional activities had been dropped from the programme.

19. The professor wants him to improve the coherence of his term paper.
1) to increase the distinctiveness of his term paper
2) to improve the consistency of his term paper
3) to improve the rationality of his term paper
4) to enhance the quality of his term paper

20. Researches warn of the impending extinction of many species of plants and animals.
1) imminent extinction of many species of plants and animals.
2) irrefutable extinction of several species of plants and animals.
3) absolute extinction of species of plants and animals.
4.formidable extinctions of many species of plants and animals.

Directions (21-24): Each of these questions has a sentence that has been scrambled and the scrambled parts have been marked A, B, C, D and E. Find the correct of the parts to reconstruct the sentence.

21. A. in different regions of that federation.
B. that was Yugoslavia
C. the fundamental cause has been the very large difference in the quality of life.
D. although the dismemberment of the federation.
E. is seen more as the result of an ethnic conflict.
1) D, B, E, C, A. 2) C, E, B, D, A 3) B, C, E, D, A 4) A, B, D, E, C

For full RRB Question Paper, Click here to download RRB Allahabad Assistant Loca Pilot 2012 Solved Question Paper PDF
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