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Bharathiar University, B.Com Computer Applications Human Rights 2010 Question Paper

Looking for old question papers of human rights of second semester in Bharathiar University? Find here some useful previous years question papers.

University: Bharathiar University
Course: B.Com Computer Applications
Subject: Human Rights (Foundation Course)
Semester: II
Exam Year of QP: 2010

1.(a) Share incidents of eminent personalities demonstrating any two of the following:
a) altruism
b) sacrifice
c) tolerance
d) truthfulness
(b) What are the components of value education?Integrate their role in character formation
2.(a) What do you understand by moral values?Citing examples explain how moral values may be enforced.
(b) Define 'Environmental Sensivity'.List out the strategies you would adopt in inculcating environmental ethical values.
3 (a) List out the steps to promote positive thoughts.
(b) What are the different perspectives on rationals and impacts of cross-border education?
4.(a) Mention the advantages of Asanas and conducive conditions of Asanas.
(b) Explain the benefits and method of blessings.
5.(a) Explain why and how children can be proctected against child labour.
(b) Explain with examples how woman in rural areas can have equal rights to perform.
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