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Kakatiya University WEB PROGRAMMING 2012 Question Paper

Kakatiya University


B.Com. (III Year) Examination



Paper -VI

Exam Year: 2012

Time :3 Hours] [Max. Marks :70

Section A -(Marks : 5 x 4 = 20)

I. Answer any FIVE of the following in not more than 1 page each:-

(a) List out the text formatting tags in HTML.

(b) What is the table attributes ?

(c) What are VB Script data types?

(d) What is a constant in VB Script?

(e) What are the different types of style sheets in DHTML?

(f) What is an ONCLICK and give an example?

(g) What is ASP script engine?

(h) What is XML ?

Section B- (Marks : 5 x 10 = 50)

Answer the follwoing questions in not more than 5 pages each.

2.(a) Explain the different head tags and text formatting tags in HTML.


(b) What is a form? Explain the various form elements.

3.(a) Explain the various functions in VB Script.


(b) What is an array? Discuss array handling procedure in VB script.

4.(a) Write about Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) with examples.


(b) What do you mean by transitions ? Explain the different types of transition filters with an example.

5.(a) What is ASP? Explain the different types of ASP objects.


(b) Explain the object "text stream" with an example.

6.(a) Discuss the components of XML document.


(b) Discuss abou the use of hyperlinks in XML with example. 
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