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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Uniraj BCA Part II SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 2008 Question Paper

University of Rajasthan Old Exam Papers
Uniraj Question Papers Download
QP Code: D 533
B.C.A (Part II)
17-D 217 Part.II
Bachelor of Computer Applications
(Faculty of Science)
(Three-year Scheme of 10 + 2 + 3 Pattern)
Paper 217
Time allowed : Two hours
Maximum marks : 30

Attempt four questions out of the following six.
Each question carries 7.5 marks

1. Write short notes on:
(i) Client server systems
(ii) Batch processing
(iii) Data mining [Marks 7.5]

2. (a) Discuss the various data and fact gathering techniques. [Marks 4]
(b) Explain the prototyping and benefits of prototyping. [Marks 3.5]

3. Briefly explain the following:
(i) Data flow diagrams
(ii) Documentation
(iii) Attributes [Marks 7.5]

4. (a) Explain briefly the various phases of system development life cycle. [Marks 5]
(b) What is the purpose of distributed processing? Explain. [Marks 2.5]

5. Write short notes on :
(i) Data modeling
(ii) System development approaches
(iii) Decision tables [Marks 7.5]

6. Briefly explain the following:
(i) System implementation
(ii) Entity relationship diagrams
(iii) Linear life cycle [Marks 7.5]

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