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MDSU B.A II Education, Foundations of Education 2008 Question Paper

University: Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer
MDSU Question Paper
Course: B.A-II Education
Exam Year: 2008
(Foundations of Education)
Note: (i) Attempt one question each from Unit I, II, III, IV. Each question carries 18 marks, (ii) From Unit V attempt any six questions out of eight questions. Each question carries 3 marks, (iii) For giving answers words limit is 300-350 per unit I, II, III, IV and 75 words per Unit V.

1. What are the problems in the adoption of Educational Technology ? Give solutions for solving the problems. (18)
2. “All educational questions are ultimately the questions of Sociology.” Comment. (18)

3. ”Education is a plant on which the flower of Philosophy blossoms.” Discuss the relationship of Education and Philosophy in the light of this statements. (18)
4. How does Philosophy affect the aims of education, curriculum and methods of teaching ? Illustrate your answer. (18)

5. How can Information and Communication Technology be made to play an effective role in our education system? (18)
6. Define Educational Sociology. Discuss its nature and scope. (18)

7. What has been the effect of Idealism on Educational Theory and Practice? (18)
8. Write a detailed note on Pragmatism in Education with reference to aims, curriculum, methods of teaching and teaching. (18)

9. What is the influence of society on Education ? (3)
10. Explain the origin and growth of Information and Communication Technology. (3)
11. Input, teaching learning process and output are three aspects of Educational Technology. Explain. (3)
12. Differentiate between Philosophy of Education and Educational Philosophy. (3)
13. What do you mean by Naturalism? (3)
14. What naturalistic tendencies do you find in modern Education? (3)
15. Bring out clearly the relation between Philosophy and Evaluation. (3)
16. Education is nothing but the socialization of the younger generation. Comment. (3)

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