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MDSU B.A Philosophy Indian Ethics 2008 Question Paper

MDSU B.A II, Indian Ethics, B,A Philosophy 2008 Question Paper Free Download
MDSU Question Paper
Exam Year: 2008
Question Paper Philosophy B.A-II (2008)
(Indian Ethics)
Note: (i) Attempt five questions in all, selecting one from each unit. Question No. 1 is compulsory.

1. Attempt any nine of the following in 20-30 words: (9X2=18)
(1) Kama as Purushartha
(2) Moksa as Purushartha
(3) Svadharma
(4) Ashrama Dharma
(5) Seva
(6) Parupkar
(7) Hukum
(8) Ahimsa
(9) Definition of Yoga
(10) Sarvodaya
(11) Relevance of Posture in yoga
(12) Importance of Shav Asana
(13) Pranayama
(14) Therepeutic value of yoga
(15) Surya Namaskar.

2. Discuss the salient features of Indian Ethical System with special reference to the concept of Dharma. (18)

3. Examine the Varna Vyavastha and its relevance in our present times. (18)

4. Explain the Buddhist Doctrine of Pratityasamutpad. (18)

5. Discuss the four fold noble truths duty explaining the eight fold path of morality propounded by Buddhist philosophy. (18)

6. Discuss the concept of Satyagraha. (18)

7. How does Nishkama Karma liberates man in action? (18)

8. Discuss the concept of Lok-Sangraha according to Bhagvadgita. (18)
9. Explain the concept of yoga according to Patanjali. (18)
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