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Saturday, March 19, 2016

ANU M.Sc Physics Paper III Quantum Mechanics 2015 Question Paper

ANU Exam Paper Free Download
M.Sc. (Previous) DEGREE EXAMINATION, MAY - 2015
First Year
Paper – III : Quantum Mechanics
Time : 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 80
Answer Any Five questions
All questions carry equal marks
1) a) Write about the physical interpretation of wave function.
b) State and explain Ehrenfest theorem. Discuss the ortho normality of eigen functions.
2) a) Obtain the solution of wave equation in one dimension for a particle moving in a constant potential field with infinite walls.
b) Obtain Eigen values and eigen functions for rigid rotator.
3) a) Describe the stark effect in hydrogen atom by time independent perturbation theory.
b) Write about degenerate states.
4) a) Explain the WKB method of time dependent perturbation theory.
b) Evaluate the ground state energy values of helium atom by variation method.
5) a) Obtain the commutation relations of L and Lx, L2 and Lz.
b) Discuss spin angular momentum and obtain Pauli spin matrices.
6) a) Obtain matrices for Jx, Jy and Jz.
b) Describe Wigner-Eckail theorem
7) a) Obtain the equation of motion in Heisenberg’s picture.
b) Obtain Dirac matrices and discuss negative energy states.
8) Write a note on any two of the following:
a) Ehrenfest theorem
b) Linear harmonic oscillator
c) Einstein probabilities
d) Probability and current density


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