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Vinoba Bhave University: BA Sociology 2008 Question Paper

Are you looking for VBU old question papers for BA course ? You can here download BA Sociology Part II question paper asked in the year 2008. It is a single page question paper as seen in the image provided below.

Vinoba Bhave University (VBU)

BA Part Two Sociology Honours

VHB Soc (4)

2008 Question Paper

Write short notes on any four of the following in maximum 100 words each:

(a)    Law of Three Stages

(b)    Darwin'sTheory of Evolution

(cj    The French Industrial Revolution

(d)    Pareto's view on Elites

(e)    Religion of Sociology

(f)    Authority

(g)    Social action

2.    Discuss the role ot enlightenment in the development of Sociology.

3.    Evaluate the Positivism of August Comte.

4.    Critically examine Durkheims Theory of Suicide.

5.    Discuss the theory of 'social evolution' presented by Herbert Spencer

6.    Explain Max Weber's view regarding Protestant ethics and spirit of Capitalism.

7.    Discuss the Materialistic Conception of History presented by Marx.

8.    Give your views regarding Mahatma Gandhis concept of Ahinsa.

9.    Discuss the contribution of R. K. Mukheijee in the field of Sociology.

10. Write a short essay on Functionalism.
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