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AP Inter 2nd Year Zoology 2014 Question Paper

AP Inter 2nd Year 2014 Zology QP
Class: 12th Class
Subject: Zoology - AP Inter Syllabus
QP. Type : Previous Year
Exam Year: 2014
Question Paper Download Format: Text / Image

Time: 3 Hours
Answer all the questions (Very Short Answer Type) 10 X 2 =20
1. Define chyme and chyle ?
2. Name the muscles that help in breathing movement of man ?
3. How many pace makers are present in the human heart ? What are they ?
4. What is a sarcomere ?
5. Name the meninges of the mammalian nervous system from the outer most to the inner most ?
6. Write the functions of Leydig cells and Sertoli cells ?
7. Distinguish between ‘Humoral immunity’ and ‘Cell mediated immunity’.
8. How is acromegaly caused ?
9. Write any four important advantages of poultry farming ?
10. What is the principle involved in X ray radiography.
Answer any Six Questions (Short Answer Type) 6 X 4 =24
11. Explain the process of digestion in the stomach.
12. What are the bio-chemical changes that occur in a muscle during contraction.
13. Write a brief note on Morphological Evidences in favour of organic evolution?
14. Draw a diagram of internal structure of testis.
15. Write a brief note on different types of immunities ?
16. Explain the following phenomena.
a) Turners Syndrome. b) Down Syndrome.
17. How does Hardy Weinberg principle explain equilibrium of allelic frequency ?
18. What is the importance of MRI in diagnostic imaging ?
Answer any Two Questions (Long Answer Type) 2 X 8 =16
19. How does human heart function to pump blood to the body parts ?
20. Describe the female reproductive system with the help of a labelled diagram ?
21. Describe the determination of sex by Genetic Balance theory of Bridges in Drosophila.

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