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Utkal University, International Business Ester, MBA 2011 Question Paper

University of QP: Utkal University
Course: M.B.A
Subject: International Business Ester
Time : As in programme
Full Marks: 100
Exam Year: 2011
The figures in the right-hand margin indicate marks.
Answer all questions

1. Explain the Product Life Cycle Theory* of international business. Write down its criticisms. 15+5 = 20


Differentiate between International Business. International Market and International Trade. 20

2. What is Flexible Exchange Rate System ? What are the advantages of this system? 10+10 = 20


What is GOR ? How is it issued ? What is the impact of GOR on international business ? 10+5+5 = 20

3. What is cross cultural t/s Explain tho stops to he taken for an effer r >sculturrlraffltng.

10*1C -20


What ts Globaliz What arc its essential conditions? 10+10 = 20

4. Discuss the r s >f IMF in solving international liquidity probi n. 20



Whatisdk* ftrwrninthebalanooofpaymens? E>tain the causes of such dsequferium

10*10 = 20

5. Disci: . the role of bilotcral ond multilateral agreements in resoling and preventing conflict in International Trade. 20


Vvijat is Subsidy* ? Why do advanced countries tfiston elimination of subsidies? 10+10 20 
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