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Financial Management, Utkal University, MBA 2010 Question Paper

University: Utkal University
I (2yr) – MBA (DDCE) -7-FM
2010 Question Paper
Subject: Financial Management
Time: As in Programme
Full Marks:100
The ques. are of equal value.
Ans any 5 questions

1. Explain the features of different long term sources of finance.

2. Elaborate the different steps in Capital Budgeting process? discuss the discounting methods of appraisal of capital projects.

3. Describe and discuss the concept of weighted avg. cost of capital. provide a hypothetical example how WACC is computed provided the cost of the components.

4. State different methods of Dividend policies and examine how do they affect value of a firm.

5. Differentiate ranging from operating and financial leverage. How are they calculated? How do they measure risk?

6. Explain the irrelevance theory of capital structure. How is the logic of arbitrage used in the theory?

7. Describe and classify working capital. Which factors are considered as determinants of working capital?

8. Discuss various credit policy variables and state how they are analyzed in credit decisions.

9. Write short notes on: (any TWO)
a. Shareholders wealth maximization.
b. Pay back method
c. PV and FV of annuity
d. Operating cycle 
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