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Saturday, February 27, 2016

University of Rajasthan: B.E EICE Advanced Microprocessor 2007 Question Paper

Looking for University of Rajasthan B.E EICE old question papers ? You can here download 2007 exam paper for ADVANCED MICROPROCESSOR in fourth B.E seventh semester. This question paper is for the course B.E Electronic Instrumentation & Control Engineering under New four year semester scheme.

(New Four Year Semester Scheme)
(Exam. of 2007 held in Jan. 2008)
[Branch: Electronic Instrumentation & Control Engineering]
Paper V
Time Allowed: Three Hours
Maximum Marks-80

Attempt any FIVE questions.
All questions carry equal marks.

1.(a) Explain the operation of the following pins of 8086 microprocessor:-

(i) INTR

(ii) M/IO'

(iii) Status lines (S2',S1',S0')

(iv) BHE'/S7 [Marks:4*2]

(b) Explain the physical memory organization in an 8086 system. [Marks:8]

2.(a) Explain the following addressing modes with suitable examples:-

(i) Indexed

(ii) Register-relative

(iii) Based indexed

(iv) Relative based indexed. [Marks:4*2]

(b) What is interrupt vector table of 8086? Explain its structure. [Marks:8]

3.(a) Explain the operation of the following instructions along with their correct syntax:-

(i) LEA

(ii) XCHG

(iii) DAS

(iv) MOVSW [Marks:4*2]

(b) Write an 8086 program to find out the largest number from an underscored array of 16-bit numbers stored sequentially in the memory locations starting at offset 0500H in the segment 2000H. Also draw the flowchart for the above program. [Marks:8]

4. It is required to interface two chips of 32K*8 ROM and four chips of 32K*8 RAM with 8086 according to the following map:-

ROM 1 and 2: F0000H-FFFFFH

RAM 1 and 2: D0000H-DFFFFH

RAM 3 and 4: E0000H-EFFFFH

Show the implementation of this memory system. [Marks:16]

5.(a) Draw and explain the block diagram of ADC 0808/0809. [Marks:8]

(b) Explain the following registers of 80386:-

(i) Segment descriptor register

(ii) Control register

(iii) System address register

(iv) Debug and test register [Marks:4*2]

6.(a) Explain the protected mode of 80386 without paging unit. [Marks:8]

(b) Explain the process of converting a linear address to a physical address for 80386. [Marks:8]

7. (a) Explain the register organization of 80486 with the help of a diagram. [Marks:8]

(b) Draw and explain Pentium CPU Architecture. [Marks:8]

8. Write short note on any two of the following:-

(a) Min/Max mode of 8086

(b) Keyboard and display interface

(c) Rs. 232 communication standard. [Marks:2*8]

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