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University: Biju Patnaik University of Technology
BPUT Fifth Semester Java
Question Paper Year: 2010
Fifth Semester Examination
Time:3 Hous
Max Marks:70
Answer question No. 1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest. The figures in the right-hand margin indicate marks.

1. Answer the following questions: [2*10=20]
a) The IP address belongs to which class and what is the default subnet mask ?
b) For what purpose SOAP protocol is used ?
c) A JSP page contains how many types of texts? What are they ?
d) Name two free and open source IDE for development of java application.
e) What is the purpose of "service()" method of servlet?
f) Why cookies are used?
g) What is the purpose of declarative tag in JSP?
h) Which protocol provides connectionless packet delivery service?
i) The IP to physical address binding is done by which protocol ?
j) Why IMAP4 protocol is used?
2. (a) What are the main advantages of CIDR. Why most of the ISPs use CIDR? What is the
meaning of Is it same as ?[5]
(b) What are the major issues of mobile IP? What are the characteristics of mobile IP and how the mobile IP works?[5]
3. (a) Briefly describe the Java EE application model. What are the Java EE components? [5]
(b) What is java EE container? Briefly describe the java EE APIs in the web container.[5]
4. (a) What is a web application? What are the basic characteristics of a web application?
Describe the web application lifecycle. What are the steps involved in developing a web module ? [5]
(b) How can you create and initialize a servlet. What is the lifecycle of a servlet? What are advantages of servlet?[5]
5. (a) What is the use of Java Server Face application ? What are the benifits of Java server face technology? What are the essential components of facelet XHTML webpage? [5]
(b) What is the meaning of URL rewriting? What are its advantages and when the URL
rewriting is used? Explain how the URL rewriting takes advantage of hidden form field. [5]
6. (a) Briefly describe the JSP architecture. What are the advantages of JSP over servlets? [5]
(b) What is the usefulness of "use bean" tag? What are its attribute? [5]
7. (a) What is the main use of empty tags? Give an example of how the empty tags are used. [5]
(b) What are the advantages of JavaBeans technology? Differentiate between stateful and stateless beans. [5]
8. What are the basic problem for transfer of audio and video stream in traditional IP based networks? Explain how RTP is useful for transmission of audio and video files. [10] 
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