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BPUT, B.Tech 1st Semester, Communicative English, 2010 Question Paper

Are you looking for 2010 question paper of BPUT ? Here you can download BPUT 1st semester Communicative English question paper.

University: Biju Patnaik University of Technology / BPUT
BPUT First Semester Question Paper 2010
First Semester Examination 2010
Time: 3 Hours
Full Marks:70
Answer question No. 1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.
The figures in the right-hand margin indicate marks.
1. State whether the following statements are correct or incorrect. Explain your choice: [2*10]
(a) Everything we do is communication.
(b) Communication is irreversible.
(c) Non-verbal cues are more difficult to fake than the verbal ones.
(d) The basic purpose of communication is to issue orders and instructions to subordinates.
(e) What to communicate must be decided first and when to communicate can be decided later ?
(f) As a principle, communication must be consistent with long-term interests and goals while meeting short-term needs.
(g) Upward communication should be allowed only when there is crisis or emergency.
(h) Grapevines are not good for the health of an organization.
(i) "Words ought to mean what they say."
(j) Written communication is always a wasteful activity.
2. Discuss the barriers to effective written communication. Illustrate your answer with examples.[10]
3. Identify the biases in the text below, and categorize them. Rewrite the text making it biasfree.[10]

Friend 1: We visited three villages under our NSS programme. The village children were dirty
and illiterate. All village children are so.
Friend 2: That's because they are poor. My grandparents live in a village, and their large house is spotlessly clean. My grandpa is so intelligent that he doesn't allow any of those poor people to get inside the house. He knows they can steal. My grandma is very loving and a good cook but she's not as intelligent as my grandpa. Grandpa sometimes shouts at her.
Friend 1: Our Professor says women now enjoy economic and political equality with the males. Then why does your grandpa shout at your grandma ?
Friend 2: Well, that may be because he learnt that from his forefathers. Probably, mankind is changing, and my grandma will wear trousers very soon.
4. What are the contexts in which the use of a rising tone is appropriate? Describe with examples. [10]
5. Rewrite each sentence as directed without changing the meaning : [1*10]
(a) Do not drive fast. (Change into positive sentence)
(b) Few people are as liberal as you are. (Change into superlative sentence)
(c) He was dropped out ……. the team at the last minute. (Use the correct preposition in the blank)
(d) He purchased a second hand car. He purchased it at a low price. (Combine into a simple sentence)
(e) He said to me, "When will you meet me ?" (Change into indirect speech)
(f) He is so gentle that he will not kill even a fly. (Re-write the sentence using 'too')
(g) You are not allowed to come to the college in your T-shirt. (Change into active voice.)
(h) Have you seen this film ? Yes, I …….(Put the appropriate verb in the blank space)
(i) All technical staff must definitely wear white coats in the laboratory. (Avoid unnecessary word(s))
(j) I have been ill since two months. (Correct the sentence.)
6. Transcribe the following phonemically with stress. Use symbolic division on each transcription: [2*5]
(a) responding
(b) yesterday
(c) anxious
(d) unmistakably
(e) romance
7. Answer the followings as directed: [2*5]
(i) Prepare partner's capital accounts. (Make correct use of apostrophe)
(ii) Rahul worked hard, and failed. (Use correct conjunction)
(iii) English is spoken all over the world. (Change into active voice)
(iv) "Are you a member of the trade union ?" said the Personnel Manager. (Change into indirect speech)
(v) India is a great country. (Change the sentence into superlative)
8. Answer the followings choosing the correct choice. Give justification of your choice: [10]
(i) A man's concept of liberty is different from ……….. (a woman/a woman's)
(ii) He objects ………. treated like a child.(to be/to being)
(iii) I …………. here for three years.(am teaching/have been teaching)
(iv) Does he …………. his mother or father ?(resemble to/ resemble)
(v) He typed ……. . (the report carefully/ carefully the report) 
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