Saturday, February 27, 2016

Azar Mohammed Appointed as Pakistan New Coach

Do you know Azar Mohammed? He is former cricketer for Pakistan Team. Now he has been given the duty of taking Pakistan team as a cricket coach. He will act as Bowling coach for Pakistan Team for ongoing Asia Cup as well as T20 World Cup being held in India.

Talking about Azar, he has played 143 ODI for Pakistan and made a record of 1521 runs and 123 wickets. In test cricket, he has played 21 Tests in which he scored 900 runs and bagged 39 wickets. He was one of the all-rounder during his cricket career as a player.

As current coach Mushtaq is feeling too fatigue, the 40 years old Azar is likely to replace Mushtaq for two consecutive events, that is Asia Cup and T20 World cup. Mushtaq will rejoin the Pakistan Team on June for England Tour of Pakistan.

"Azhar is a good replacement for the interim, being a T20 specialist. He will join the squad later this evening" Says the team Manager of the Pakistan Cricket.

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