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Practical Question Bank 2011 for Kakatiya University, B.Sc Biotechnology

Kakatiya University, B.Sc Biotechnology, 3rd Year, Paper – III, 2011 Practical Question Bank Free Download

Kakatiya University 2011 Exam
Practical Question Bank
B.Sc. Biotechnology
III year
Paper – III

Time: 3 hrs Max.Marks:50

Q.I. a) Isolation of DNA from plant cells 8 Marks
b) Isolation of DNA from animal cells
c) Isolation of DNA from bacterial cells

Q.II. a) Analysis of DNA by agarose get electrophoresis 8 Marks
b) Restriction digestion of DNA

Q.III. a) Preparation of competent cells of bacteria 8 Marks
b) Bacterial Transformation
c) Selection of Transformants under pressure (antibiotics)

Q.IV. a) Immuno diffusion Test 8 Marks
b) ELISA Test
c) Microagglutination using microtiter plates (ABO & Rh blood groups)
d) Viability Tests of cells/bacteria (Evans blue test or Trypan blue test)
e) Coomb's Test

Q.V. Spotting (4 x 2 ½) 10 Marks

Q.VI. Record 4 Marks

Q.VII. Viva-voce 4 Marks

B.Sc. Biotechnology-III Year
Practical Paper-III

Q.V. Spotting:
1. Cot curve
2. Mitochondrial genome (Human)
3. Chloroplast genome (Tobacco)
4. Eukaryotic Promoter
5. VNTRs
6. RNA polymerase
7. RNA – splicing
8. t-RNA
9. Pre-initiation complex
10. Lac-Operon
11. Restriction Enzymes
12. PBR 322 & PUC
13. Genomic and C-DNA libraries
14. Blotting techniques (S/N/W)
15. PCR
16. Antigen
17. Immunolglobin
19. Phagocytosis
20. Lymphosites

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