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Kakatiya University: B.Sc Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology and Biodiversity 2011 Question Paper

Looking for B.Sc Model Question Papers for Kakatiya University ? Download here 2011 question papers of Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology and Biodiversity.

B.Sc III Year Botany
Paper III
(Cell Biology, Genetics, Ecology and Biodiversity)
Model question paper – Theory
Time : 3 hours Max. Marks : 100
Exam Year : 2011


Define or explain ALL of the following (8x2 =16 Marks)
1. Nucleotide
2. Heterochromatin
3. Law of seggregation
4. Aneupolid
5. Food chain
6. Hydrosere
8. Hot spot


Write short answers for ALL of the following (4 x 6 = 24 Marks)
9. (a) Cell cycle (OR) (b) Lambrush chromosome
10. (a) Epistasis (OR) (b) Transition
11. (a) Ecosystem (OR) (b) Ecad
12. (a) Red data book (OR) (b) Endemism


Write detailed answers for ALL of the following (4 x 15 = 60 Marks)
13. (a) Describe replication of DNA (OR) (b) Describe different stages in mitosis
14. (a) What are molecular basis of mutations (OR) (b) Write the structure of pBR - 322 plasmid
15. (a) Discuss the energy flow in ecosystem (OR) (b) What are biogeochemical cycles? Explain N2 cycle.
16. (a) Discuss the principle of conservation. (OR) (b) Explain the role of NBPGR in the conservation of biodiversity.

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