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KSOU B.A LLB SPECIAL ENGLISH Dec 2014 Question Paper

Karnataka State Law University
KSOU Previous Years Question Papers
First Semester 5 Year B.A. LL.B. / B.B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)
Examination, December 2014
Duration : 2 ½ Hours Max. Marks : 70
Instructions : 1. Answer Q. No. 8 and any five of the remaining questions.
2. Q. No. 8 carries 20 marks and the remaining questions carry 10 marks each.
Q. No. 1. “Law is Multidisciplinary”, How does Joseph Planck develop this idea in “The Law is a Jealous Mistress – A Popular Fallacy” ?
Marks : 4×10 = 40
Q. No. 2. “Non-Violence implies voluntary submission to the penalty for non-cooperation with evil”. Explain why Gandhiji says this.
Q. No. 3. ‘The murder of constable Gutteridge was an entirely reasonable
one; the work, apparently of an out and out Rationalist’. How does show develop this opinion of his.
Q. No. 4. What advice does Felix Frankfurter give a prospective student of law ? Analyse.
Q. No. 5. The five functions of a lawyer help him/her to attain full growth. Which are they ? Explain each in detail.
Q. No. 6. What can law schools do, to improve the working of the courts ?
Q. No. 7. Answer any two of the following : Marks : 2× 5 = 10
(a) Write a paragraph on spreading greenery for a healthy living.
(b) Refute the following statement :
Television viewing spoils children.
(c) Write a dialogue between two neighbours on the importance of hygiene in the neighbourhood.
Q. No.8. Answer any two questions : Marks : 2×10 = 20
I) (a) Give the synonyms of :
i) velocity
ii) intrinsically
iii) advent.

(b) Give the antonyms of :
i) integrate
ii) pertinent
iii) popular.
(c) Use the sentence linkers in sentences of your own :
i) above all
ii) similarly
iii) unlike
iv) certainly.
II) Answer as directed, each carries two marks.
(a) Use the words given in sentences of your own
i) one (as an adjective and noun)
ii) round (verb and preposition)
iii) after (adverb and conjunction)
(b) Fill in the blanks with modal Auxiliaries from the list given below.
i) I _______ do it the way I like.
ii) ________ you lend me your pen ?
iii) The new book ________ earn us a fortune.
iv) The enemy _______ not go unpunished.
(shall, could, will, may, dare, need)
III) (a) Interpret the following notices each carries two marks.
i) Please enter without knocking
ii) No thorough fare
iii) Restricted area.
(b) Prepare a press report on The Annual Social Gathering of your college in detail. It carries four marks.
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