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KSOU Political Thought and Organization Dec 2013 Question Paper

Karnataka State Law University
KSOU Question Paper
First Semester B.A. LL.B.  (Hons) 5 Yr. Examination, December   2013
Political Thought  and Organization
Duration :2 2
1  Hours Max. Marks : 70
Instructions : 1. Answer all 5 questions.
2. One Essay type and one  short note question from each
Unit have to be attempted which is referred to as Part (a) and Part (b) in all Units.
3. Answer should be written either  in English or Kannada completely.
Q. No.1. (a) Define and explain the meaning of the ‘State’. Discuss in detail “territory” and “government” as elements of  State. Marks : 9
Define Sovereignty and explain its characteristics.
(b) Distinguish between ‘State’ and ‘Society’. Marks : 5
What are internal and external sovereignty.

Q. No.2. (a) Discuss the views of St. Thomos Aquinas on law. Marks : 9
Explain the views of Karl Marx on ‘Economic Interpretation of History and the theory of ‘Surplus value’.

(b) Write  short notes : Marks : 5
Explain revolutionary and evolutionary socialism.
Natural law.

Q. No.3. (a) Explain limitations on liberalism. Marks : 9
Explain the 7 elements of State.

(b) Write short notes : Marks : 5
Features of democracy.
Gandhiji’s concept of Sarvodaya.

Q. No.4. (a) Discuss the features of Federal Government. Marks : 9
Discuss the  powers and functions of the legislature.

(b) Write short notes on : Marks : 5
Difference between a rigid and flexible Constitution.
Conditions of a good Constitution.

Q. No.5. (a) What is ‘Electorate’ ? Explain the qualifications belonging to Electorate. Marks : 9

Evaluate  the merits  and  de-merits  of  a multi-member Constituency.

(b) Write short note on : Marks : 5
Adult franchise

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