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KSOU 5 Year B.A LLB WOMEN AND LAW 2013 Question Paper

KSOU Question Papers
Karnataka State Law University
5 Year B.A.LL.B.  (Hons.)/B.B.A.LL.B.  (Hons.) First Semester
Examination, December  2013
Duration : 21/2 Hours Max. Marks : 70
Instructions : 1. Answer all 5 Questions.
2. One essay type and one short note question from each
Unit have to be attempted, which is referred as Part (a)
and (b) in all the Units.
3. Figures to the right indicate marks.
4. Answers should be written either  in English or Kannada
Q. No. 1. (a) Discuss the Constitutional provisions for the protection of women. Marks : 9
Examine the social and legal inequalities for women during the pre-constitution period.

(b) Write note on : Marks : 5
Air India Vs Nargees Meerza
C. B. Muttamma Vs Union of India.

Q. No. 2. (a) “The fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution to Indian women are taken away by the Personal Laws”. Analyse. Marks : 9
Explain the betterment of property rights of Hindu women down the centuries.

(b) Write note on : Marks : 5
Guardianship rights of Hindu Women
Divorce under Muslim Law.

Q. No. 3. (a) Discuss the law relating to ‘Adultery’ with case laws. Analyse the law relating to Sati system.

(b) Write note on : Marks : 5
Remedies under Domestic Violence Act, 2005
Outraging the modesty of woman.

Q. No. 4. (a) Critically examine the repressive measures under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956. Marks : 9
Discuss the law relating to dowry prohibition with  amendments.
(b) Write note on : Marks : 5
Sex determination tests
Reservation for women in politics.

Q. No. 5. (a) Briefly enumerate the laws which are intended for the welfare of women employees. Marks : 9
Explain the aims and functions of state commission for women and evaluate its performance.
(b) Write note on : Marks : 5
Remedies under Sexual Harassment at Work Place Protection Act, 2013


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