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THEORY OF MONEY AND BANKING,Madras University Question Papers,2013 Question Paper, MWQ

Madras University Question Paper
Subject Code : MWQ
OCTOBER 2013 U/ID 1381/MWQ
Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks
SECTION A — (5 × 8 = 40 marks)OCTOBER 2013 U/ID 1381/MWQ
Answer any FIVE questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
1. Critically examine the quantity theory of money
and point out its limitations.
2. Discuss the constitution and working of Reserve
Bank of India.
3. Explain the functions of central bank.
4. Discuss the merits of brach banking system.
5. What is a money market? Explain the features of
developed money market.
6. Discuss the functions of State Financial
7. Explain the qualities required for a merchant
8. Discuss the advantages of OTCEI to investors.
SECTION B — (3 × 20 = 60 marks)
Answer any THREE questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
9. Bring out the merits and demerits of paper
currency system.
10. Explain briefly the different methods of credit
control adopted by a Central Bank.
11. Discuss the role of commercial banks in the
economic development of our country.
12. State the various money market instruments and
state their features in brief.
13. Discuss the various types or classification of
mutual funds.
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