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MW3,Madras University Question Paper, PRACTICE AND LAW OF BANKING II,2013 Question Paper

Madras University Question Paper
Subject Code :MW3
OCTOBER 2013 U/ID 1372/MW3
Time : Three hours Maximum : 60 marks
SECTION A — (5 × 4½ = 22½ marks)
Answer any FIVE questions.
1. What are the different forms of banker’s advances?
2. What do you mean by the term “Set off”? Under
what circumstances can a banker exercise it?
3. What precautions should a banker take while
lending against document of title to goods?
4. Discuss the suitability of life insurance policy as
security for a bank advances.
5. Write a short note on Financial Viability.
6. Describe the functions of District Industries
7. What are the schemes provided by KVIC?
8. Who is a small borrower? Give the names of
advances to small borrowers.
SECTION B — (3 × 12½ = 37½ marks)
Answer any THREE questions.
9. Explain the main differences between pledge and
10. Write the precautions a banker should take in
granting loans and advances against gurantee.
11. Describe the functions and services rendered by
12. Discuss the role of IDBI in financing small
13. Distinction between cash flow statement and fund
flow statement.
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