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Second Year B.Pharmacy,2010 Question Paper,University Of Pune Question Paper,2.3 : PHARMACEUTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY,

University Of Pune Question Paper
Second Year B.Pharmacy Examination, 2010
(2008 Course)
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 80
Note : 1) Q. 1 and Q. 5 are compulsory. Out of remaining attempt
any two questions from each Section.
2) Draw well labelled diagram wherever necessary.
3) Answers to the two Sections should be written in separate
4) Figures to right indicate full marks.
I. What is BMR ? Describe the factors affecting the BMR in detail. 10
II. a) Classify carbohydrate with examples and explain Chitin. 8
b) Describe Kidney function test in detail. 7
III. a) Describe uronic acid pathway with the functions of glucoronic acid. 8
b) Describe cell organelles with their roles. 7
IV. Write short notes on (any three) : 15
a) Genetic disorders of carbohydrate metabolism.
b) PCR technique.
c) Essential fatty acids and their biochemical functions
d) Biomembranes.
 V. Classify Enzymes with suitable examples and explain competitive and
 non-competitive enzyme inhibition. 10
VI. a) Explain citric acid cycle in detail ? Why it is amphibolic in nature ? 8
b) Write in detail about purine metabolism. 7
VII. a) Give biochemical functions of fat soluble vitamins. 8
b) Describe Kreb-Hensleit cycle. 7
VIII. Write short notes on (any three) : 15
a) Essential and Non-essential amino acids
b) Renal mechanism of acid base balance.
c) Biosynthesis of cholesterol.
d) Homeostasis of blood.

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