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F. Y. B. A. B. Ed. Integrated Compulsory Examination - 2010 PAPER - I,University Of Pune Question Paper,2010 Question Paper,INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY AND HEALTH, PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND YOGA

University Of Pune Question Paper
F. Y. B. A. B. Ed. (Integrated) (Compulsory) Examination - 2010
(2008 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 100
Instructions :
(1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Use separate answer-books for each section.
(3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
(4) No supplements will be provided.
Q.1) Answer in one sentence each : [05]
(a) In which year EduSAT was launched ?
(b) What is E-mail ?
(c) Write full form of C.A.L.
(d) What is Intranet ?
(e) Write two main clauses in Copyright Act.
Q.2) Identify odd one in each group : [05]
(a) Camera, Scanner, Printer, Microphone
(b) Website, Wiki, Blog, DVD
(c) O.H.P., LCD Projector, Television, Radio
(d) DVD, CD, Pen Drive, RAM
(e) Internet Forum, Newsgroup, Wiki, E-mail
Q.3) Answer the following : (Any Four) (Word limit 75 words each) [16]
(a) Describe any four uses of ICT in Evaluation Procedures.
(b) Explain Concept of ‘Net-safety’.
(c) Illustrate advantages of E-library.
(d) Describe features of Project-based Learning.
(e) Explain characteristics of Collaborative Learning.
(f) Give details of Technological Tools required for Virtual Classroom.
Q.4) Answer any one of the following : (Word limit 200 words) [12]
(a) What is Software ? Explain functions of Operating System.
(b) Explain the following concepts in detail :
(i) Web-based Learning
(ii) Technology Aided Learning
Q.5) Answer any one of the following : (Word limit 200 words) [12]
(a) What is Information and Communication Technology ? Explain
scope of ICT in the following fields :
(i) Publication
(ii) Learning - Teaching Process
(b) What is Hardware ? Explain features and educational uses of
Printer and LCD Projector.
Q.6) Fill in the blanks : [05]
(a) HRPF and _________ are the types of Physical Fitness.
[Motor Fitness, Acrobic Fitness, Muscle Fitness]
(b) Second Limb of Ashtang Yoga is _________.
[Yama, Pranayam, Niyam]
(c) Alround Development of Child is an objective of _________.
[Fitness Education, Physical Education, Health Education]
[3798]-111 2 Contd.
(d) Weight (kg)/(Height Meter)2
 = _________.
(e) Strength is the ability of the _________ to generate force.
[Muscles, Body, Heart]
Q.7) Match the following : [05]
 ‘A’ ‘B’
(a) Anulom-Vilom (i) Motor Fitness Factor
(b) Flexibility (ii) Health
(c) Speed (iii) 8th Limb of Ashtang Yoga
(d) Heredity (iv) HRPF Factor
(e) Samadhi (v) Pranayam
Q.8) Write short notes : (Any Four) (Word limit 75 words each) [16]
(a) Benefits of Pranayam
(b) Importance of Health Education
(c) Types of Physical Fitness
(d) Importance of Balanced Diet
(e) 12 min. Run/Walk Test
(f) Muscular Strength
Q.9) Explain in brief : (Any One) (Word limit 200 words) [12]
(a) What is Physical Education ? Explain objectives of Physical
(b) What do you mean by Ashtang Yoga ? Explain benefits of
Q.10) Explain in brief : (Any One) (Word limit 200 words) [12]
(a) Explain Concept of Health. Write various activities for School
Health Programme.
(b) Write in detail about Balanced Diet.
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