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2010 Question Paper,PAPER - II COMPULSORY ENGLISH,F. Y. B. A. B. Ed. Integrated Compulsory,University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
F. Y. B. A. B. Ed. (Integrated) (Compulsory) Examination - 2010
(2008 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 100
Text : Reflections - I (CUP)
Instructions :
(1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Q.1) Attempt any two of the following : [20]
(a) Draw character sketch of Sigaev.
(b) What is the theme of Tagore’s ‘Leave This Chanting........’ ?
(c) Comment on the significance of the title ‘The Second Crucifixon’.
(d) How do teachers outwit Wassercopf in ‘Refund’ ?
Q.2) Attempt any four of the following : [20]
(a) Why are Nicola and Jacopo called ‘gentlemen’ ?
(b) What is the role of the Director in ‘The Town by the Sea’ ?
(c) Comment on ‘The Affliction of Margaret’ as a melancholic poem.
(d) How does the conjurer take revenge on the Quick Man ?
(e) What is the theme of ‘All the World is a Stage’ ?
(f) What is the central idea of ‘Gather Ye Rosebuds’ ?
Q.3) Attempt any two of the following : [20]
(a) Write review of a film you have recently seen.
(b) Write an essay on how life will be after ten years.
(c) Imagine that your close friend has lost his father. Write a letter
expressing your condolences to your friend.
(d) Write an argumentative essay on ‘Politics should be banned from
academic campus’.
(e) Write detailed description of a place you are familiar with.
Q.4) Attempt any four of the following : [20]
(a) Add - ing to the following verbs :
lie, fly, tie, sigh, buy
(b) Give short/full forms of the following words :
advertisement, laboratory, specks, bus, fridge
(c) Use the following words in your own sentences :
(i) affliction - affection
(ii) flight - fright
(iii) bred - bread
(iv) woes - vows
(v) thrown - throne
(d) Fill in the blanks with right phrasal verbs from the list :
(fill in, thought of, fill up, carry on, hear about)
(i) Though there were some initial difficulties we decided to
(ii) We had to _________ a form before we were let in.
(iii) I am running low on petrol. I must _________.
(iv) He has never _________ becoming an actor.
(v) Did you _________ yesterday’s accident ?
(e) Give plural forms of :
woman, child, life, stranger, community
Q.5) Attempt any four of the following : [20]
(a) Fill in the blanks choosing appropriate adjectives from the list
along with suitable preposition :
[keen, different, kind, good, sorry, interested]
(i) The semester system is _________ the year system.
(ii) Meera is _________ gardening. She has joined a short
course in horticulture.
(iii) And I am not _________ becoming a Software Engineer.
(iv) I am really _________ shouting at you. Please forgive me.
(v) I am not _________ Physics.
(b) Rewrite the following sentences using a conditional clause :
(i) I may get a job through campus selection. But I still want
to pursue higher education.
(ii) I suggest that you do an M.B.A. from a business school
in India. Your career prospects will be better.
(iii) I hope the match will be held in Bangalore. There we can
really enjoy it.
(iv) Your letter should be convincing. Then they will make you
an offer.
(v) You should have been here. Then we could have gone to
(c) Fill in the blanks with ‘used to’, ‘would’ or simple past of the
verbs given in the brackets :
I have fond memories of the month we spent in Kashmir.
(i) We _________ [be] very fond of snow.
(ii) We _________ [wake up] early in the morning to go on
a long walk.
(iii) It _________ [snow] almost every day during that season.
(iv) One morning when we woke up, our car _________ [cover
with] snow.
(v) The Dal Lake _________ [freeze] completely.
(d) Add question tags to the following sentences :
(i) Manju had written to you.
(ii) The schools closed on Saturday.
(iii) Let us make another attempt.
(iv) They cannot beat us this time.
(v) Shops would be closed by 10 pm.
(e) Make yes/no questions :
(i) He likes cricket.
(ii) You like reading Harry Potter.
(iii) You want to come for a movie.
(iv) You can help me with this.
(v) They study music.
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