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BBM BU Banking Regulations and Operations Nov Dec 2014 Question Paper

BBM Examination Bangalore University, Fifth Semester Banking Regulations and Operations Nov Dec 2014 Question Paper Download

Bangalore University
V semester B.B.M examination, Nov/Dec 2014
Banking Regulations and Operations
Time: 3 Hours Max: Marks: 100

Instruction: Answers should be written in English only

1. Answer any eight sub questions. Each sub question carries two marks (8x2=16)

a. Define commercial bank.

b. Name any two agency services rendered by banks

c. What is investment policy of a commercial bank?

d. Define collecting banker.

e. Who is a customer?

f. What do you mean by right of general lien?

g. Define bill of exchange?

h. What is letter of credit?

i. Give the meaning of hypothecation?

j. What is NPA?

Answer any 3 questions, Each question carries 8 marks. (8x3= 24)

2. Explain various forms of lending by a commercial bank.

3. Discuss in brief the various types of crossing of a cheque.

4. Briefly explain the different types of mortgage.

5. What are the duties of a collecting banker?

Answer Q.No.10 and any three questions, each question carries 15 marks (15x4=60)

6. Bring out the special relationship between banker and customer

7. Explain the regulations and control of commercial banks by RBI.

8. Discuss the precautions to be taken by a banker in opening and conduct of accounts of
(i) Partnership firms
(ii) Joint stock companies with limited liability.

9. Describe different types of borrowing facilities granted by banks.

10. State the meaning of endorsement. Explain the different types of endorsement.
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