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Bangalore University: BBM Computer Applications in Business 2014 Question Paper

Bangalore University V semester B.B.M examination 2014 Computer Applications in Business - Nov Dec 2014 Question Paper Download

Bangalore University
V semester B.B.M examination, 2014
Computer Applications in Business
Time:3 Hours Max: Marks: 100
Instruction: Answers should be written in English only


1. Answer any eight sub questions. Each sub question carries two marks (8x2=16)

a. Differentiate data and information.

b. What is batch processing?

c. Define DSS

d. What is EIS?

e. CTRL J and CTRL X in MS-word is used for.

f. What is a worksheet?

g. What is a autofill in MS-Excel?

h. What is a data model?

i. What is a database?

j. Define voucher in Tally.


Answer any 3 questions, Each question carries 8 marks. (8x3= 24)

2. Explain the components of business information system.

3. Explain office automation system and GDSS.

4. Explain the features of MS-Power point.

5. What are the types of databases. Explain.

6. Explain page setup menu in MS-word


Answer Q.No.10 and any three questions, each question carries 15 marks (15x4=60)

7. Explain DSS and its components.

8. Explain levels of management and their information in any organization.

9. Explain datamodels and database language,

10. Explain any five types of charts with diagram in MS-Excel

11. Explain the contents in the Gateway of tally. 
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