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Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University MSC (Chemistry) IV SEM Solid State Chemistry and Material Science [MSC403T] June 2021 Question Paper

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University

Master of Science (Chemistry)

Fourth Semester Main Examination, June- 2021

Solid State Chemistry and Material Science [MSC403T]

Time: 3:00 Hrs Max Marks 85

Note: Attempt all questions. Each question has two parts.

Part A is 10 marks and part B is 7 marks.

Q.1 (a) Write the short note about Zeolite synthesis.

(b) What is coprecipitalion as a procedure to solid state reactims.


(a) Write short note about Stokbarger methods ?

(b) General principles of solid state of compounds.

Q.2 (a) What is law of mass action? Derive it.

(b) Write is H- Centre defect in solids.


(a) Give on example of a solid that shows both schottg a frenkal defects.

(b) Short notes about Meissner effect of super conductivity with diagram

Q.3 (a) What is the role of nano technology in various field and CVD method.

(b) How can be synthesis of nanoparticles by nano lithography.


(a) What is Nanostructure material and write are example?

(b) Write sol-gel synthesis of nanomaterial’s?

Q.4 (a) What are carbon nanolubes and the use of carbon namtubes.

(b) What are optical properties and chemical properties of nanomaterial’s?


(a) Write is quantam well and quantam dot.

(b) Write the relation between luminescence and phosphors.

Q.5 (a) Write the properties and advantages of nanomaterial’s.

(b) What are the important features of BCS theory.


(a) How do you center a Colour?

(b) What is Non- Stoichiometric an example of non- Stoichiometric


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