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Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University POLYTECHNIC II SEM (Electrical Engineering) Communication Skills [PTDC2101T] June 2021 Question Paper

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University

Part Time Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnic)

Second Semester Main Examination, June-2021

Communication Skills [PTDC2101T]

Branch – Electrical Engineering

Time: 3:00 Hrs Max Marks 70

Note: Question no. 1 is compulsory. Attempt any five questions from Q.2 to Q.9

Q.1 Multiple choice question. [2×5=10]

(i) One word for prevention is- (2)

A.Act of stopping C. Act of education

B.Act helping D. Act of starting

(ii) For word upright, which word scientist uses? (2)

A.Horizontal C. Perpendicular

B.Edge D. Periphery

(iii) What is the 'Paradise' that the Child talks of? (2)

A. Jerusalem, the Holy Land C. The garden, which is heaven

B. The Giant's hometownD. The valleys of the Alps

(iv) Lencho is the main character of- (2)

A.The Selfish Giant C. The Last Leaf

B.The Malefactor D. A Letter to God

(v) To whom did the garden, in which the children played, belong? (2)

A.Their aunt C. Unknown

B. It was their property D. The Giant

Q.2 (a) Describe the character Lencho. (6)

 (b) Give a portrayal of the astrologer

Q.3 (a) Write about the non conventional sources of energy. (6)

 (b) State the friendship between Sue and Johnsy.

Q.4 (a) Write a paragraph on how the language of science is different from the

language of common use. (6)

 (b) Discuss the adverse effects of environment pollution.

Q.5 (a) Write an essay on renewable sources of energy. (6)

(b) Write an essay on demonetization.

Q.6 (a) Justify the title “An Astrologer’s Day”.

(b) Describe the character Lencho.

Q.7 (a) What is process of communication? Explain with cycle. (6)

 (b) Describe the change in the character of the Giant.

Q.8 (a) Write an application for the post of supervisor with resume. (6)

(b) Write an order letter on Medical items.

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