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Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University BSC V SEM English [FCS501HE] December 2020 Question Paper

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University

Bachelor of Science

Fifth Semester Main Examination, Dec-2020

English [FCS501HE]

Time: 1:20 Hrs Max Marks 35

Note : All three sections are compulsory.


Q1. Objective type question - [1×5=5] Marks

(i) Who has father in the poem?

(a) Country (b) Citizen's

(c) Captain (d) President

(ii) What are Behrman dream of doing one day-

(a) Paint masterpiece (b) Build a mansion

(c) Opening a studio (d) Launching a book

(iii) What is the cheapest form of Internal transport?

(a) Train (b) Bus

(c) Taxi (d) Boat

(iv) The poem is in the memory of -

(a) Roosevelt (b) Churchill

(c) Lincoln (d) Carter

(v) What is a serious problem to the country according to Raman?

(a) Fire (b) Felling

(c) Soil erosion (d) Pollution


Answer the following questions (any 2) [5×2=10] Marks

Q.1 Name the person who would be Sues model.

Q.2 Why is the captain not answering the poet?

Q.3 Which problem should be dealt which on national basis?

Q.4 What was the prediction of an astrologer about Velan?

Q.5 What is the urgent need of the country?

Q.6 What was the state of house after few years?

Page [19]


Q.1 Write a paragraph on "Religion and Art in India" [Marks 10]


Social networking.

Q.2 Give one word substitution- [Marks 3]

(i) A Government by the people.

(ii) One who thinks only of welfare of women.

(iii) A book writing by unknown author.

Q.3 Do as directed - [Marks2]

(i) The clerk went to (sell/cell) as many television as possible.

(ii) The program changes will not (affect, effect) you.

(iii) Anamika has (alot, a lot) of problems.

Q.4 Translate and paragraph English into Hindi [Marks 5]

The first thing to remember is that translation is the transfer of meaning from one language to another. It is

not the transfer of words from language to language you must translate the meaning of what is being said

rather they do if word-for-word. This is because languages are not just different words. Different languages

also have different grammar, different word order.

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