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Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University MA III SEM (English Literature) Linguistics and stylistics (MAE304T) Dec 2020 Question Paper

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University

Master of Arts (English Literature)

Third Semester Main Examination, Dec-2020

Linguistics and stylistics (MAE304T)

Time: 3:00 Hrs Max Marks 85

Note: (i) Attempt all questions.

(ii) Each question has two parts.

Q.1 (a) What is language? What are its chief characteristics? 10

(b) Explain what is meant by the statements that language is a system of systems.


(a) Language may be defined as “A system of arbitrary vocal symbols by which though is

conveyed from one human being to the other”. Comment briefly on each of the elements

of this definition, system, arbitrary, vocal, symbol, a vehicle of thought.


(b) What do you understand by the following:-

Synchronic, Diachronic, and Historical Linguistics. 7

Q.2 (a) Distinguish between phonologically and morphologically conditioned allomorphs.

(b) What do you understand by IC analysis in phrase structure grammars? Give suitable

examples. 7


(e) Draw IC diagram for the following: 10

Books, Oxen, Children, The English teacher

(b) Are T-rules ordered? Illustrate and amplify. 7

Q.3 (a) What are the units of grammar? What is their mutual relationship?

(b) Define the following terms by giving their illustrations: 7

(i) Determiners (ii) Word classes

(iii) Noun Phrase (iv) Verb Phrase.


(b) Distinguish between finite and non-finite verb forms with examples.

(c) Define and illustrate Subject, Predicate, Complement and Adjunt.

Q.4 (a) Distinguish between complement and sentence-adjunct. 10

(b) Discuss briefly the major semantic theories. 7


(a) Give the deep structures of: 10

(i)The report that the committee has released is unsatisfactory.

(ii)The report that committee may not meet for some time is


(c) What is ambiguity? State the major types of ambiguity with

examples. 7

Q.5 (a) Describe the air-stream mechanism used in speaking English. 10

(b) Describe the function of the following organs in the production of speech.


(a) How do we classify - (i) Vowels (ii) Consonants? Give examples from English.

(b) What is the utility of I.P.A (International Phonetics Associations) alphabet?

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