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Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University BE IV SEM (CE) Water Supply & Waste Water Engineering-I [CE402T] June 2021 Question Paper

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University 

Bachelor of Engineering

Fourth Semester Main Examination, June-2021

Water Supply & Waste Water Engineering-I [CE402T]


Time: 3:00 Hrs Max Marks 70

Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1 (a) Discuss “Logistic curve method” for forecasting population.

(b) What do you understand by water demand? Explain “Per capita Demand”.

Q.2 (a)Write down the various formulae used for calculating fire demand.

(b) In two periods each of 20 years a city has grown from 40000 to 160000 and

then 280000. Determine the saturation population and the expected population

after the next 20 years.

Q.3 (a) What are intakes? What are important factors which govern the selection of

site of an intake?

 (b) What are the common impurities found in natural sources of water? Explain

their effects upon its quality

Q.4 (a) Why are pressure pipes most commonly used for conveying water from

distant surfaces to the town of supply.

(b)State the comparative merits and demerits of steel and concrete material used

in conveyance of water.

Q.5 (a)How you can detect and prevent losses in water supply distribution system.

(b)Explain graphical method of calculating capacity and height of a service


Q.6 (a) Enlist various valves and appurtenances used in a water supply scheme.

(b) Explain the analysis of series and parallel network of pipe with appropriate


Q.7 (a)Which type of force is predominant in case of design of sewer pipes? Explain.

 (b) Distinguish between fresh sewage, stale sewage and septic sewage

Q.8 (a)Describe various shapes of sewer with their merits and demerits.

(b)Describe the fluctuation per day in flow of sewage of a city. What are its

effects on the design of sewer?

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