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Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University BE VIII SEM (Civil) TRANSPORTATION BRIDGES AND TUNNELS (CE-802) June 2021 Question Paper

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University

Bachelor of Engineering

Eighth Semester Main Examination, June-2021



Time: 3:00 Hrs Max Marks 70

Note: - Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Assume suitable data if necessary and state them clearly

 Answer should be precise and to the point only.

Q.1 (a) Explain briefly the different types of station yards

(b) Explain the Transition curve and why it is necessary in railway track. Write down equation for setting

this curve.

Q.2 (a) What are the objects of signaling? Describe engineering principles of signaling and explain the different

types of signals used in the station yard.

(b) Explain the economical span of a bridge. Mention the forces acting on a pier

Q.3 (a) What is Dead load? Mention some of important empirical formulas which are used to find it.

(b) Write short note on- (Any Five)

 Afflux and its importance,

 Depth of bridge of foundation,

 Alignment of a bridge,

 Types of Railway Bridge,

 Lining of tunnel,

 Shape and size of tunnel

 The erection of bridges, strengthening

 of bridges

Q.4 (a) Explain the different types of Railway Bridges with the help of neat sketches.

(b) Describe the various method of hard rock tunneling and mention the advantages and disadvantages of

each of them

Q.5 (a) Explain the various types of coffer dams, where they are constructed also write down procedure of


(b) Explain pile foundation and well foundation for bridges with the neat sketches. Also discuss procedure

of sinking of wells.

Q.6 (a) Discuss in brief the various tractions on railways.

(b) Describe briefly the suitability of various materials which are commonly used as ballast in a railway


Q.7 (a) What is Creep? Discuss the theories propounded to explain probable causes of creep and what are the

effects of creep?

(b) Define gauge of Indian railway track. Enumerate different gauges used in India and discuss their

suitability at different locations?

Q.8 (a) What is cant deficiency?

(b) Draw a neat diagram of simple right hand turnout and show its various component parts?

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