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Bharathidasan University M.Sc Computer Science 3rd Semester NETWORK SECURITY Nov 2020 Question Paper

Bharathidasan University M.Sc Computer Science 3rd Semester Previous Years Question Paper

S.No. 18252

(For candidates admitted from 2011-2015batch)

M.Sc Degree Examination, Nov 2020.

Computer Science - Elective


Time : Three Hours 

Maximum : 75 marks

Part A - (10×2=20 marks)

Answer all questions

1. Distinguish between threat and attack with example.

2. Define the meaning of permutation with example.

3. How to find d and e in RSA?

4. Write the threats that PCKs has been designed to deal with.

5. In the content of Kerberos, what is realm?

6. What is role of public-key ring in security?

7. What are the protocols used to provide IP security?

8. How IPsec dos offer the authentication and confidentiality services.

9. List the classes of intruders.

10. List the design goals of firewalls.

Part B - (5×5=25 marks)

Answer all questions choosing either (a) or (b)

11.a) Write a note on passive attack.


b) What is cryptography? Explain various algorithms used for it. Differentiate between symmetric and asymmetric algorithm.

12.a) Describe feistel decryption algorithm.


b) What are the different models of operation in DES?

13.a) What is meant by one way property in hash function.


b) What do you understand by authentication? State it's requirements.

14.a) Discuss the architecture of IP Security in detail.


b) Briefly explain multi-purpose internal mail extension (MIME)

15.a) What is e-mail security? What are different protocols for e-mail security?


b) Explain PGP for e-mail security with operation model. Describe the use SMIME also.

Part C - (3×10=30 marks)

Answer any Three questions

16. Explain the types of Host based intrusion detection. List any two IDS software available

17. Write notes on hash function. Discuss its functionality.

18. How does PGP provide confidentiality and authentication service for email and file storage Applications? Draw the block diagram and explain it's components.

19. Explain the concept of IP security. What are the applications and benefits of IP Security?

20. What is firewall? Mention the capabilities and limitations of firewall.

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