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Osmania University B.Com / BA / B.Sc 1st Sem General English Paper-I Nov Dec 2019 Question Paper

Osmania University Old Question Papers

Code No: 4121 


B.A. /B.Com/B.Sc./B.S.W./B.B.A.I-Semester(CBCS) Examination. Nov./Dec. 2019 

Time: 3 hours 

Subject: General English Paper — I 

Max Marks: 80 

PART- A (4 x 5 = 20 Marks) 

Answer any four of the following. 

1. Answer as directed 

a) Sridhar was sleeping in the garden, ((Identify and underline the common noun). 

b) A  /. of sailors. (Fill in the blank with a collective noun). 

c) Chrondlogy. (identify and underline the root in the given word). 

d) Momento. (Correct the spelling) 

e) Food (write the phonetic transcription of the given word) 

2. Answer as directed. 

a) Children should obey  parents (Use appropriate pronoun). 

b) She is one of those which help old people. (Correct the sentence). 

c) Our team won the hockey champion. (Add appropriate suffix to the Underlined word).

d) Don't be  ('child') (Use an appropriate prefix). 

e) Admision (correct the Spelling) 

3. Answer as directed. 

a) Where your friends going yesterday? (Fill in the blank with the correct form of 'be'). 

b) Where  you see my phone. (Fill in the blank with the correct auxiliary 'do').

c) She wanted to her best suit (Choose between 'wear' 'ware). 

d) Keep  (guess) the answers till you get the right one. (Fill in the blank with the correct form of the 'guess.). 

e) alas we lost the match (punctuate the sentence) 

4. Answer as directed. 

a) Give the past and past participle forms of the verb 'know'. 

b) How have you been _ ? (Fill in the blank with the correct form of 'dol. 

c) Many do a mistake out of carelessness. (Correct the underlined collocation). 

d) necessity is the mother of . (Fill in the blank with the correct form of 'invent'). 

e) Write the homophone for the Nord — cot'. 


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