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University of Calicut B.A / B.Sc 2nd Sem Writing for Academic and Professional Success May 2020 Question Paper

University / Exam Board: University of Calicut 
Course: B.A / B.Sc Degree Examination
Second Semester
May 2020 Question Paper
ENG 2A 03 - Writing for Academic and Professional Success
(2019 Admissions)
Time: 2 and 1/2 Hours
Maximum: 80 Marks

(Speaking Skills) 
I. Answer the following questions. Each question carries 2 marks. (Ceiling 25): 
1 How do you define Academic writing? 
2 How would you differentiate between a Thesis and a Dissertation? 
3 Consider Brainstorming and Outlining as effective pre-writing activities. 
4 What are the features of a Case Study? 
5 Give one-word substitutes for the following expressions: 
(a) Regardless of the fact that. 
(b) At all times.
(c) In a clear way. 
(d) Last but not the least. 
6 What is a Questionnaire? 
7 How are examples given in an Illustrative Essay ? Explain. 
8 What do you mean by Academic Words List? 
9 Differentiate between Compound Sentence and Complex Sentence. 
10 Give formal alternatives for the following informal Words and Phrasal Verbs 
start, give, put off find out.


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