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Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University BA III SEM English [FCA301HE] Dec - 2020 Question Papers

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University

Bachelor of Arts

Third Semester Main Examination, Dec-2020

English [FCA301HE]

Time: 1:20 Hrs Max Marks 35

Note : There are three parts in this paper. All parts are compulsory.

Q1. Multiple choice question - [1×5=5] Marks

(vi) What is the purpose pilling rubbish -

(a) To dispose (b) To burn it

(c) To create tree (d) To recycle it

(vii) The scorpion is referred as -

(a) The evil one (b) Poisonous One

(c) Dangerous (d) Ill spirit

(viii) On the rule of the road is an essay about -

(a) Traffic rules (b) Liberty and its limitation

(c) Road accident (d) Manners and Atticates

(ix) The term „Man of science‟ refers to -

(a) Teachers (b) Astronauts

(c) Astrologist (d) Computer operator

(x) What gives colors to the twigs by the poem -

(a) Season (b) Buds

(c) Local environment (d) Plastic

Q.2 Short Answer questions (any 5) [5×2=10] Marks

(i) Why should we respect the rights of the people?

(ii) What is meaning of science?

(iii) What is the meant by the rule of road?

(iv) Who is the „I‟ in the poem?

(v) What was the mother's reaction to the scorpion‟s bite?

(vi) How did the peasant search for the scorpion?

Q.3 Long Answer type question (any 2) [5×2=10] Marks

(i) Write a short note on the superstition beliefs of the villagers?

(ii) Why it is necessary to posses social service?

(iii) Write an essay on Gardiner‟s style?

Q.4 Paragraph writing (any 1) [5×1=5] Marks

(a) The computer (b) Women empowerment

Q.5 Do as directed: [5×1=5] Marks

(i) Use the appropriate prepositions

(a) He is traveling ______ train.

(b) My father work _______ Indore.

(c) She took the key _____ her pocket and put it _____ the lock (in / into / out at / between)

(ii) Use the appropriate article

(a) I use my shoes ______ hammer.

(b) It is ______ University that is known for education. 

Attachment in PDF: Please Click Here: Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University BA III SEM English [FCA301HE] Dec - 2020 Question Papers

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