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Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University MSC BOTANY IV SEM JUNE20 Plant Pathology [MSB403T] Aug-Sep 2020 Question Paper

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University Old Question Papers

Master of Science (Botany)

Fourth Semester Main Examination, Aug-Sep 2020

Plant Pathology [MSB403T]

Time: 3:00 Hrs Max Marks 85

Note: Attempt all questions.

Part A is 10 Marks and Part B is 07 Marks.

Q.1 (a) Do you agree that enzymes play role in pathogenesis?

(b) Explain the methods of studying plant diseases.


(a) Write note on- (i) History of plant pathology

(ii) Progress of plant pathology

(b) Explain the disease of wheat.

Q.2 (a) Define quarantine with respect to plant disease.

(b) Write notes on- (i) Hormonal in balance

 (ii) Treatment & couses


(a) Write the development of pathogen role of enzyme.

(b) How do plant pathogens spread?

Q.3 (a) Describe the symptom, disease cycle & control of Tikka disease of groundnut.

(b) Write short note on dispersal of plant pathology.


(a) Give an account of organic fungicides.

(b) Describe the symptom, disease cycle& control of blast of rice.

Q.4 (a) Define the following-

(i) Soil borne & seed borne disease

(ii) Infections & non- infection disease.

(b) Write factors effecting disease resistance in plant.


(a) Explain the importance of biological control in plants?

(b) Describe chemical methods for plant disease control.

Q.5 (a) Describe the methods of control of disease in -Mango, rice

(b) Discus the disease in cotton & its methods of control.


(a) Write notes on:- (i) Antibiotics

(ii) Antagonism

(iii) Bordeaux mixture.

(b) Write about the sugar cane disease. 

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