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University of Madras Fiscal Economics Dec 2018 Question Paper

Madras University / University of Madras Previous year question paper download

S.No. 13785

Subject Code: 8CCBB

Dec 2018 

U/ID 22057/UCDF

Subject: Fiscal Economics

Time : Three Hours 

Maximum : 75 marks

PAR A - (10×3=30)

Answer any Ten questions each in 50 words

1. Define "Public Finance".

2. What is meant by direct tax?

3. What is "Public goods".

4. Write a note on shifting of taxation.

5. Indicate the sources of public revenue.

6. Specify the meaning of public expenditure.

7. What is public debt?

8. Write a short note on value added tax.

9. State the concept of sinking fund.

10. Define "deficit budget"

11. Bring out any three functions of municipal corporation.

12. What is federal finance?

PART B - (5×6=30 marks)

Answer any Five questions each in 200 words.

13. Narrate the importance of public finance.

14. Explain Adamsmith's canons of taxation.

15. What are the sources of public debt?

16. What are the characteristics of a good tax system?

17. Indicate the principles of federal finance.

18. Explain the instrument of fiscal policy.

19. Describe the sources of local finance.

PART C - (4×10=40 marks)

Answer any Four questions each in 500 words.

20. Explain the principle of maximum social advantage.

21. What are the causes for growth of public expenditure?

22. Explain the methods of redemption of public debt.

23. What are the factors determining taxable capacity of a country?

24. Enumerate the problems of local finance.

25. Examine the role of fiscal policy in a developing country.

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