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University of Madras BA Economics Rural Banking May 2019 Question Paper

Question Paper University: Madras University

Exam Year: May 2019 

Subject Code: U/ID 22055/URDB

Subject: Rural Banking

Course: B.A Economics

Time : Three Hours 

Maximum : 100 marks

PART A - (10×3=30 marks)

Answer any Ten questions each in 50 words.

1. What is meant by rural economy?

2. State the structure of Indian Economy.

3. What is meant by production pattern?

4. Define - 'Land Tenure'.

5. What do you mean by Agricultural productivity?

6. Define - 'Poverty Line'

7. What is rural indebtedness?

8. Define - 'saving'.

9. Who is a money lender?

10.What is Cooperative credit?

11. Write a note on State Bank of India.

12.What is Direct Lending approval?

PART B - ( 5×6=30 marks)

Answer any Five questions each in 200 words.

13. Narrate the features of Tami lNadu economy.

14. Brief the importance of service sector.

15. Explain the production pattern in villages.

16. Analyse the causes for low saving in rural sector.

17. Explain the non-institutional sources of rural credit.

18. Describe the structure of Cooperative credit in India.

19. Explain the importance of Commercial bank in Agricultural finance.

PART C - (4×10=40 marks)

Answer any Four questions each in 500 words.

20. Discuss the features of Indian Economy.

21. Analyse the steps taken to eradicate poverty under five year plans.

22. Analyse the causes and consequences of rural indebtedness.

23. Give suggestions to improve the working of cooperative credit agencies

24. Examine the working of lead bank scheme.

25. Make a critical appraisal of agricultural refinance corporation.

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