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Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University B Pharmacy Biostatistics and Research Methodology [BP-801T] Aug-Sep 2020 Question Paper

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University Old Question Papers

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Eighth Semester Main Examination, Aug/Sep 2020

Biostatistics and Research Methodology [BP-801T]

Time: 3:00 Hrs Max Marks 75

Note : (i) All parts of the question paper are compulsory.

(ii) All question of each part to be attempt at one place.


Q.1 Multiple Choice Questions. [1×20 = 20 Marks]

(i) The application of statistical method in biology is called-

(a) Statics in biology (b) Statics in Vivo

(c) Biostatics (d) All of this

(ii) Who is regarded as father of as biostatics-

(a) Fisher (b) Karl Pearson

(c) Francis Galton (d) Francis bacon

(iii) The term biometric was coined by -

(a) Fischer Karl Pearson (b) Water Beldon

(c) Both a and b (d) Francis Galton

(iv) The branch of biostatic that deal with method of collection organization and presentation of data is called as -

(a) Inferential biostatics (b) Descriptive biostatics

(c) Both a n d comparative (d) Biostatics

(v) In biostatistics group of individuals taken for study is called-

(a) Block (b) Population

(c) Group (d) Flock

(vi) The word statics in German means-

(a) Calculations (b) Government

(c) Mathematics (d) Classification

(vii) Biostatistics is also called as-

(a)Statistics in biology (b) Bionemorology

(c) Biometry (d) Both A and B

(viii) The characteristics or quantity that may vary from one individual to another is called-

(a) Static group (b) Variables

(c) Dynamic group (d) Dynamism

(ix) Variable whose value can be expressed numerically are called-

(a) Quantitative variables (b) Qualitative variables

(c) Absolute variables (d) Continuous variables

(x) Chi square test-

(a)Measure the degree of deviation experimental results from the expected results

(b) To test the closeness of observed and expected results

(c) To test the population variances and test variances

(d) All the above

Page [2]

(xi) Find the mode of the following11 ,12 ,13, 14-

(a) 11 (b) 12

(c) 13 (d) 1

(xii) Which of the following is not measure of Central tendency-

(a) Mean (b) Mode

(c) Median (d) Range

(xiii) Standard deviation is the square of-

(a) Mean mode (b) Standard error

(c) Variance (d) Regression

(xiv) Correlation coefficient is a number between-

(a) 1 and 2 (b) 0 and 1

(c) 1 and 0 (d) -1 and +1

(xv) CHI square is zero when-

(a) Expected frequency is lesser than observed frequency

(b) Expected frequency is equal to observed frequency

(c) Expected frequency is double of the observed frequency

(d) Expected frequency is greater than the observed frequency

(xvi) A circle divided into sectors proportional to the frequency of item shown is called-

(a) Bar chart (b) Pie chart

(c) Histogram (d) Frequency polygon

(xvii) A statistical test can be utilised to validate the statement peoples having high cholesterol suffer more from


(a) A student test (b) Deregulation analysis

(c) Pearson correlation coefficient (d) Annova

(xviii) To determine variation in wings length of butterfly from five different places would be best statically test

CSIR 2009-

(a) F test (b) Student test

(c) Regression analysis (d) Chi square test

(xix) Height of student in a class is a-

(a) Quantitative variables (b) Discrete variables

(c) Absolute variables (d) Continuous variables

(xx) Number of fruits in a tree is a-

(a) Quantitative variables (b) Discrete variables

(c) Absolute variables (d) Continuous variables

Q.2 Short answer type questions. (Any seven)

(a) What do you mean by multiple regression, standard error of regression pharmaceutical examples


(b) Explain in detail of Probability, Binomial Distribution.

(c) Define central composite design.

(d) What do you mean by historical design?

(e) Explain in detail optimization technique.

(f) Explain curve fitting method of least square.

(h) Explain in detail the definition of probability binomial distribution.

(i) Give in detail sampling error and large sample is small sample.

Q.3 long answers type questions. (Any two)

(a) What do you mean by industrial and clinical trial approach and which software use in industry.

(b) Explain in detail factorial design and advantages of factorial design.

(c) Explain in detail of normal distribution, Poisson’s distribution.


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