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Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University B Pharmacy Advanced Instrumentation Techniques [BP811ET] Aug-Sep 2020 Question Paper

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam University Old Question Papers

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Eighth Semester Main Examination, Aug-Sep 2020

Advanced Instrumentation Techniques [BP811ET]

Time: 3:00 Hrs Max Marks 75

Note : (i) All parts of the question paper are compulsory.

(ii) All question of each part to be attempt at one place.


Q.1 Multiple choice questions- [1x20 = 20 Marks]

(xli) Which type of Quantum Transition takes place in Ultra Violet and Visible spectroscopy?

(a) Rotation of molecules (b) Nuclear

(c) Bonding electrons (d) Spin of nuclei in magnetic field

(xlii) Electromagnetic radiation can travel through vacuum.

(a) True (b) Flase

(xliii) Which of the following is the wavelength of microwave radiation?

(a) 10 – 780nm (b) 0.78 – 30µm

(c) 0.6 – 10 m (d) 0.75 – 3.75 mm

(xliv) Which of the following detectors is used to detect light intensities which are very weak?

(a) Photomultiplier tube (b) Photovoltaic cell

(c) Photoemissive tubes (d) Photo reflector

(xlv) How is Tungsten Halogen lamp differ from normal Tungsten filament lamp used in absorption


(a) It has a tungsten filament and is filled with inert gas (b) Iodine is

added to normal filling gas

(c) Iodine is coated on tungsten filament

(d) Iodine is added to inert gas

(xlvi) Instead of glass filters, why gelatin filters could not be used for a long period while both are

Absorption filters?

(a) Gelatin tends to evaporate and hence they deteriorate

(b) Gelatin is affected by humidity in environment

(c) They deteriorate due to absorption of heat leading to changes in gelatin (d) Gelation

is affected by temperature in environment

(xlvii) Which of the following could be used as the layer of dielectric in interference filters used in

Absorption Spectroscopy?

(a) Graphite (b) MgF2

(c) Fe (d) AgNO3

(xlviii) How can stability of radiation be achieved in incandescent or discharge source used in Absorption


(a) Using filters (b) Using monochromators

(c) Using slits (d) By controlling the source voltage

(xlix) To tolerate high operating temperatures, which of the following has to be done in incandescent or

tungsten filament lamps?

(a) Alloys must be used

(b) Nitrogen be used instead of inert gas

(c) Envelope is fabricated with quartz

(d) Envelope is fabricated with copper

(l) Which of the following is not a source used in Mid Infrared Spectrophotometer?

(a) Nernst glower (b) High pressure mercury arc lamp

(c) Globar (d) Nichrome wire

(li) Which of the following is the wave number of near infrared spectrometer?

(a) 4000 – 200 cm-1 (b) 200 – 10 cm-1

(c) 12500 – 4000 cm-1 (d) 50 – 1000 cm-1

(lii) What is the composition of Globar rod which is used as a source in Mid IR spectroscopy?

(a) Silicon carbide (b) Silver chloride

(c) Silicon dioxide (d) Silver carbide

(liii) Which of the following is not a technique for preparing solid samples in IR spectroscopy?

(a) Solids run in solution (b) Mull technique

(c) Solid films (d) Thin films

(liv) Which of the following is not used as pyroelectric material used in pyroelectric transducers in Infrared


(a) Triglycine Sulphate

(b) Deutrated Triglycine Sulphate

(c) Some Polymers

(d) Tetraglycine sulphate

(lv) Which of the following is the principle of Golay cell which is used as a detector in IR spectroscopy?

(a) Expansion of gas upon heating

(b) Increase in resistance due to increase in temperature and vice versa

(c) Temperature difference gives rise to a potential difference in the material

(d) Decrease in resistance due to increase in temperature 

(lvi) Which of the following is not a feature of carrier gas used in gas chromatography?

(a) It must be chemically inert

(b) It should be suitable for the detector employed

(c) It should not be completely pure

(d) It should be cheap

(lvii) Which of the following is the disadvantage of helium, which can be used as carrier gas in gas


(a) Dangerous to use (b) Expensive

(c) Reduced sensitivity (d) High density

(lviii) Slow injection of large samples leads to band broadening and loss of resolution.

(a) True (b) False

(lix) What must be done to the solid samples for it to be introduced into the column without using

solid injection syringes in gas chromatography?

(a) Introduced in hot-zone of the column

(b) Dissolved in volatile liquids

(c) Introduced using rotary sample valved

(d) Introduced using sampling loops

(lx) Which of the following is the advantage of straight packed column?

(a) It can be packed uniformly (b) It can be repacked easily

(c) It is compact (d) It is easier to heat it evenly


Short answer type question [5x7 = 35 Marks]

Note : Attempt any SEVEN questions, all question carry equal marks

Q.1 What is the application of NMR spectroscopy?

Q.2 What is the principle of mass spectroscopy?

Q.3 Write short note on electron impact and chemical ionization.

Q.4 How do you use X-Ray diffraction?

Q.5 What do you mean by crystallography?

Q.6 What is difference between qualification and validation?

Q.7 What is ELISA and RIA?

Q.8 What are the three main types of solid phase extraction methods?


Long answer type question [10x2 = 20 Marks]

Note: Attempt any two questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1 What are mass spectrometry and its instrumentation with their principle?

Q.2 What is the principle of TGA describe instrumentation and their applications?

Q.3 Give the principle and instrumentation of HPTLC.


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