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VNSGU B.B.A Semester 1 Computer Application - I February 2021 Question Paper

University: Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU)


F.Y.B.B.A (Sem.-I) Examination

February - 2021

Computer Application - I (Old)

Time: 1 Hours ] [ Total Marks: 30


(1) Fill up strictly the details of signs on your answer book

Name of the Examination: F.Y.B.B.A (Sem.-I)

Name of the Subject : Computer Application - I (Old)

Subject Code No.: 1808000401030001

Seat No.:

Student’s Signature

(2) All Questions are Compulsory.

(3) Figures in the right shows full marks of the Question. 

Q.1. Answer in brief: (any five) (5)

(1) Give output of =sqrt(-144).

(2) Define Range

(3) What is the function key used to run slide show?

(4) Give output of =replace(“System Software”,8,4,”Hard”)

(5) Give full forms:

(i) RAM

(ii) LED

(6) Define - Operating System.

Q.2. Attempt any three: (15)

(1) Explain different types of Filtering in Excel Database.

(2) Explain Macro in Ms Word with steps to Record and Run.

(3) Explain Date & Time Functions with examples.

(4) Explain Components of Computer network in detail.

Q.3 Write Short note: (any two) (10)

(1) Input Devices

(2) Data Validation and Conditional Formatting

(3) Explain Types of Computer Network

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