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VNSGU B.B.A Semester 1 Communication and Soft Skills-1 February 2021 Question Paper

University: Veer Narmad South Gujarat University (VNSGU)


F.Y.B.B.A (Sem.-I (Old)) Examination

February - 2021

Communication and Soft Skills-1


(1) Fill up strictly the details of signs on your answer book

Name of the Examination: F.Y.B.B.A (Sem.-I (Old))

Name of the Subject : Communication and Soft Skills-1

Subject Code No.: 1808000401040001

Seat No.:

Student’s Signature

(2) Figures to the right indicate full marks allocated to that question.

(3) All questions are compulsory.

Q.l Answer the following Questions: (Any Four) (12)

1) Who or what really breaks the bank?

2) What makes the narrator in My Financial Career feel nervous in a bank?

3) What ‘great law of human action’ did Tom discover?

4) What problem does Albert face in his career?

5) What does the king want to know in Three Questions?

6) How does Tom succeed in getting Ben to whitewash the fence?

Q.2. Answer the following Questions: (Any Four) (12)

1) Why is it important to listen?

2) What are the skills required to work in a team?

3) How emotional quotient is different from intelligence quotient?

4) What are the characteristics of an assertive person?

5) Is it important to update one’s knowledge and skills? Why?

6) How will you deal with difficult customers or clients?

Q.3 An Essay: (10)

1) Coordinating one day workshop on Personality Development at an Academic Institution.

Q. 4 (a) Expand the proverb: (Any One) (06)

1) Faults are thick when love is thin.

2) Every spark adds to the fire.

3) Put your feet down where you mean to stand.

Q.5 (b) Vocabulary and Grammar: (10)

1) Draw up (Give the Meaning of the phrase)

2) Employ (Give the Noun of the word)

3) Leacock was feeling shy while looking at the clerks. 

(Rewrite the sentence using the adverbial form of the word in italics)

4) Symbol (Make the verb form the word by using appropriate suffix )

5) Pure(Make sentence of your own using word as a verb)

6) Anandis an efficient teacher. They teach it all perfectly. 

(Rewrite the sentences with correct pronouns)

7) Fruit (Give the opposite of the word)

8) Perfect (Rewrite the opposite of the word using prefix)

9) Hang (Give the past tense of the word)

10) Discreet (Give the meaning of the word)

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