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KSEEB First Language — ENGLISH June 2019 Question Paper

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2019 Question Paper

Total No. of Questions : 50 ] [ Total No. of Printed Pages : 8 

Code No. : 14-E 

Subject : First Language — ENGLISH

( Regular Repeater )

[ Date : 25. 06. 2019 

[ Time : 9-30 A.M. to 12-30 P.M. 

[ Max. Marks : 100 

General Instructions to the Candidate :

1. This Question Paper consists of 50 objective and subjective types of questions. 

2. This question paper has been sealed by reverse jacket. You have to cut on the right side to open the paper at the time of commencement of the examination. Check whether all the pages of the question paper are intact. 

3. Follow the instructions given against both the objective and subjective types of questions. 

4. Figures in the right hand margin indicate maximum marks for the questions. 

5. The maximum time to answer the paper is given at the top of the question paper. It includes 15 minutes for reading the question paper. 

Instructions :

i) This question paper contains three parts. 

ii) Part-A — Prose, Poetry and Supplementary Reading ( Non-detail ). 

iii) Part-B — Grammar and Vocabulary. 

iv) Part-C — Composition and Comprehension. 


( Prose, Poetry and Supplementary Reading ) 

I. Answer the following questions in a sentence each : 4 × 1 = 4 

1. Why was the letter-box in Della’s flat useless ? 

2. According to Cheriyan Alexander, what can a person do to make his life truly meaningful and sustainable ? 

3. Why was Buttoo driven with shame by Drona ? 

4. What had Drona promised Arjuna ? 

II. Answer the following questions in two sentences each : 8 × 2 = 16 

5. What did Della do, to make herself look like a truant school boy ? 

6. Write about Anne’s pathetic physical state in the concentration camp. 

7. Why is it not wise to handover the task of ruling the world to businessmen ? 

8. Give any two comparisons that Pierre mentions while describing how he would carry the eel pie. 

9. How did the hunters handle the dead male bird ? 

10. How was Lochinvar different from the bridegroom ? 

11. How did Bhima ridicule Karna ? 

12. What prevented Ulysses from attacking the Cyclop with his sword ? 

III. Answer the following questions in four to five sentences each : 5 × 3 = 15 

13. How do controlling the movement of water and its conservation serve the subsidiary purposes also ? 

14. Why did the elders of the Workers’ Paradise become anxious ? What decision did they take ? 

15. How does the poor man express his devotion and the impermanence of material things in the poem “The Temple and the Body” ? 

16. How does the poet John Masefield explain that he was born at the cost of his mother’s life ? 

17. How did Squire Trelawney and Dr. Livesey make arrangements for a voyage for treasure hunt ?

Full Question Paper Download Link in PDF : Click here to download KSEEB  First Language — ENGLISH June 2019 Question Paper

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