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Bharathidasan University B.Sc Geography Earth Science April 2021 Question Paper

Bharathidasan University Question Paper


(For candidates admitted from 2016-2017 onwards)

B.Sc Degree Examination, April 2021.

Part III - Geography - Major

Earth Science

Section A - (10×2=20 marks)

Answer all questions

1. Space

2. Location

3. Heat Engine

4. Crust

5. Rock

6. Sediment

7. Relief

8. Drift

9. Waves

10. Volcano

Section B - (5×5=25 marks)

Answer all questions choosing either (a) or (b)

11.a) Write a note on nature of geography.


b) Write briefly about spatial analysis

12.a) Explain the internal structure of the earth.


b) Write a note on origin of the earth

13.a) Write a note on composition of rock.


b) Write about geological time scale.

14.a) Explain the orders of relief.


b) Write a note on tectonic forces.

15.a) Write about the measurement of earthquake.


b) Explain the types of volcanoes.

Section C - (3×10=30 marks)

Answer any Three questions

16. Discuss about the interaction between human and earth.

17. Explain the modern theories of earth.

18. Give a detailed account on sedimentary and metamorphic rock processes.

19. Write a essay on continental drift theory.

20. Explain the causes and effects of earthquake.

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