Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Bharathidasan University B.A Economics II April 2021 Question Paper

Bharathidasan University Old Question Paper T

B.A Degree Examination, April 2021.

Part III - Economics - Major

Economics II

Section A - (10×2=20 marks)

Answer all questions

1. Define ' Market Structure'.

2. Define ' Long Run'.

3. Comment on 'Monopoly'

4. What is meant by discriminating monopoly?

5. What do you mean by selling cost?

6. State the meaning of Oligopoly.

7. Define ' Quasi Rent'.

8. State the meaning of Wage.

9. Define 'Profit'

10. Comment on 'Uncertainty'

Section B - (5×5=25 marks)

Answer all questions choosing either (a) or (b)

11.a) Explain the different classification of market.


b) Discuss the features of Perfect competition.

12.a) What are the characteristics of Monopoly.


b) Describe when price discrimination possible.

13.a) Elucidate the features of Oligopoly.


b) Describe the price output determination under monopolistic Competition during short run.

14.a) Discuss the Subsistence Theory of Wage.


b) Explain the three motives given by Keynes.

15.a) Write a note on uncertainty Bearing Theory of Profit.


b) Elucidate the loanable Funds Theory of Interest.

Section C - (3×10=30 marks)

Answer any Three questions

16. Analyse the price-output determination under perfect competition during short and long runs.

17. Describe the price output determination under Monopoly.

18. Explain the Kinked Demand Model of Oligopoly.

19. Elucidate the Ricardian Theory of Rent.

20. Discuss the Innovation Theory of Profit.

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