Thursday, September 2, 2021

Alagappa University B.A History Introduction to Historiography 2021 Question Paper

Alagappa University Old Question Paper T

B.A Degree Examination, April 2021

Part III - History- Major

Introduction to Historiography

Section A - ( 10×2=20 marks)

Answer all questions

1. History makes menwise

2. Humanistic History

3. Shakespeare

4. Epigraphy

5. City of God

6. Rajatarangini

7. Subaltan studies

8. Frency rural history

9. Foot notes

10. Chapterisation

Section B - (5×5=25 marks)

Answer all questions choosing either (a) or (b)

11.a) Write a note on the Economic History.


b) Point out the importance of the political history.

12.a) Briefly view distinguish between History and Ethics.


b) Bring out undivided the history and computer.

13.a) Mention the ideas of imperialistic Historian James Mill.


b) Trace the ideology of Modern Historian Jadunath sarkar.

14.a) Examine Annales Historiography of Marc Bloch


b) Narrate the ideals of D.D Kosambi.

15.a) State how did you the selection of topic?


b) Briefly discuss about to write a table.

Section C - (3×10=30 marks)

Answer any Three questions

16. Explain the scope of history.

17. History as social science - Discuss

18. Describe the contribution of K.A Nilakanda Sastri to Historiography.

19. What are the instructions of E.H Carr to Historiography.

20. Analyse the Data collection of important role in any research work.

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