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Utkal University PG Philosophical Foundation of Education 2014 Question Paper

Model Questions for P.G. Education 2013-14 Batch

Philosophical Foundation of Education (P-I)

Full Mark-70

Time – As in the Programme 


Answer any 3 (12×3=36)

1. Explain the meaning of philosophy and bring out the need for philosophical frame work for education.

2. Briefly elucidate the different branches of philosophy and its relationship with education.

3. What is logical empiricism? Discuss the impact of epistemological dimension of logical empiricism towards present educational system.

4. Compare and contrast idealism and pragmatism school of philosophy with respect to curriculum, methods of teaching, role of teacher and discipline.

5. Trace the thought of Gandhi and Tagore on education.

6. “Education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” justify the statement with suitable examples.


Answer any 3 (08×3=24)

1. Discuss the relevance of analytical philosophy in determining aim of education, curriculum and methods of teaching.

2. Enumerate the principle of existentialism school of philosophy and its implication in present context.

3. Discuss the present relevance of Vedic system of education.

4. Relate Dharma, Artha, Kama and Mokshya to goals of education.

5. Critically analyze the contribution of Vivekananda towards the present educational system.

6. Define epistemology and discuss the epistemological bases of curriculum and explain their implication for education. 


Answer any 2 (05×2=10)

Write a short note on:

1. Theory of axiology

2. Relativism

3. Perenialism

4. Buddhist system of education

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