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University of Calicut B.A 5th Sem English ENG 58 04-INFORMATICS Nov 2017 Question Paper

University of Calicut / Calicut University Old Question Papers

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Time: Three Hours Maximum: 80 Marks

I. Answer the ten questions given below: 

1 Which of the following is not the name of Computer Company ?

(a) HP. (b) Apple. 

(c) Dell. (d), Mac.

2 Embedded computer system can be found in :

(a) Cars. (b) Thermostats.

(c) Microwave Ovens. (d) All of the above. 

3 MS Excel is a :

(a). Spreadsheet tool. (b) Presentation tool. 

(c) Word processor tool. (d) Database tool.

4 'Free software' does not mean : .

(a) The freedom to run the program for any purpose. 

(b) The freedom to redistribute copies. 

(c) Should be distributed free of charges.

(d) The freedom to improve the program.

5 A program that can copy itself and infect a computer is called :

(a) Malware. (b) spyware. 

(c) virus: (d) adware. 

6 The first phase of ‘Mission Malayalam' project is :

(a) Arogyasree. (b) Bharanamalayalam. 

(c) Nila. (d) Kaveri. 

7. The term 'memory 'applies to which of the following:

(a) Logic. (b) Output device.

(c) Control. (d) Storage.

8. Pick the odd one out:

(a) Dot-matrix printer. (b) Mouse. 

(c) Speaker. (d) Laser printer. 

9. The process of converting digital signal to analog form is known as -

(a) Modulation (b) Coding 

(c) Decoding. (d) Demodulation. 

10. Hotmail was created by : 

(a) Bill Gates. (b) Sabir Bhatia.

(c) Berners Lee. (d) None of the above.

(10 x 1 = 10 marks)

II. Answer any ten questions in two or three sentences each:

11. What are the limitations of print format? 

12. What is Palm PC?

13. Name some of the functions of OS: 

14. What is booting? 

15. What are the two major categories of software? 

16. What is antivirus ? 

17. What is HTML? 

18. What does the word encyclopedia mean? 

19. What is UNICODE 

20. What is System software? 

21. What were the uses of ENIAC? 

22. What are Simputers?

(10 x 2 = 20 marks)

III. Answer four questions in a paragraph of 80 words each:

23. What are functions of ALU ?

24. Mention a few advantages of online bookstores. 

25. What are the benefits of localization ? 

26. What is a digitizing tablet and how is it used ? 

27. What are the uses of Servers ? 

28. What are the uses of Super computers ?.

(4 x 5 = 20 marks)

IV. Answer any two out of the three given in about 200 words:

29. What do you mean by online education? State the merits and demerits of online education,

30. Write an essay on the five generations of computer. 

31. Write an essay on the scope and significance of IT. 

32. What are the major components of a CPU? Explain the functions of each.

(2 x 15 = 30 marks)

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